Talent group encourages people to ‘Bring Your Own’

TALENT, Ore.– Talent Zero Waste is kicked off it’s “Bring Your Own” campaign on Saturday to encourage people to use reusable containers, cups, and containers.

The group held a party at The Grotto Pizzeria where they showcased types of containers and utensils people can bring with them when they get food to go or take home leftovers.

Beginning of 2020, a new ordinance passed by the city banned almost all single-use plastics at restaurants. The ordinance prohibits restaurants and grocery stores from using single-use plastic food items such as containers, bowls, plates, cups, lids, cutlery, stirrers, hinged or lidded containers, and other items that are designed for one-time use prepared foods.

However, from the business’s perspective, buying alternative supplies is expensive.

Members hope to spread the idea of bringing your own containers as a way to help the restaurants keep costs low and get people in the habit of bringing their own containers.

“It’s about habit change, it’s about practice and it’s about making that commitment to yourself to change the way you operate,” said Emily Berlant, a Talent city councilor and member of Talent Zero Waste. “Hopefully other people will catch onboard just by leading by example.”

Talent Zero Waste says many of the businesses in the city have already been phasing out single-use plastics. If the movement does catch on, the group would like to see it spread to other cities and communities in the long term.

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