Trump supporter creates a “shocking” political sign

Bellingham, Wash, (KING/NBC) — Bellingham is known to be a pretty liberal city. But this homeowner was shocked when thieves started stealing his Donald Trump signs. So he decided to shock them back.

Seven times over the last few months — someone has stolen Donald Trump signs off of Ray Gilbride’s property. His security system has captured it. So he decided to get creative.

Gilbribe said, “What we do is run copper wire all around the outside.”

He wired an electric fence unit — enough to deliver a zap to anyone who tries stealing the sign. Like one this woman who grabbed his sign in the middle of the night. “It’s my property. It’s over three feet off the sidewalk it’s right here. If their parents had done their job they should have been I wouldn’t be taking care of it right now,” said Gilbribe

Bellingham Police say as long as Gilbride isn’t injuring anybody he has the right to protect his property.

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