U.S., U.N. respond to suspected chemical gas attack in Syria


(CNN) – The United Nations Security Council held an emergency meeting Monday.

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley said, “The day we prayed would never come, has come again.”

The statement was made following the suspected deadly chemical weapons attack in Syria over the weekend which allegedly killed dozens of civilians.

Ambassador Haley said, “History will record this as the moment when the U.N. Security Council does something, either discharged it’s duty or demonstrated it’s utter and complete failure to protect the people of Syria. Either way, the United States will respond.”

A year ago this month, more than 80 people were killed in a Sarin attack in a separate Syrian town, prompting the U.S. to launch Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian airbase.

Following Saturday’s attack, missiles were also launched, this time at a Syrian airbase where Iranian personnel were working.

Russia is blaming Israel for the attack, but Israeli officials have neither confirmed nor denied involvement.

All the while, the U.S. is weighing its response

Defense Secretary James Mattis was asked: “Can you rule out taking action, launching airstrikes against Assad, Mr. Secretary?” He replied, “I don’t rule out anything right now.”

The President echoed those sentiments. President Donald Trump said, “Nothing is off the table. We’ll be making some major decisions over the next 24-48 hours.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry called these reports a “hoax” and issued a statement in the hours after the alleged attack reading in part: “It is necessary to warn once again that using far-fetched and fabricated pretexts for a military intervention in Syria, is absolutely unacceptable and can lead to the most serious consequences.”

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