Veteran hikes to help injured Marines

Ashland, Ore.– A former Marine is on a journey of a lifetime.  Tim Tuomey is trekking the Pacific Crest Trail to raise money for the Semper Fi Fund, but there is more to Tim’s story that keeps him pushing forward on the challenging trail.

“I was adopted as a kid, so my mom and I were really close,” says Tuomey.

He served for five years on a special forces unit for the Marines.  Coming face to face with extreme challenges, it’s been the reminder of he and his mother’s mantra that has always kept him moving forward.

“My mom and I always have a saying, just get through it.”

At age 51,  his mom’s words have never rung more true.  Tuomey is three months and over 900 miles in to his hike of the Pacific Crest Trail.  Pushing, sometimes even fighting against the elements.

“When I was going through the snows in Washington that was by far the most hard trying enduring event that I have ever had to get through in my life,” Tuomey explains.

Along with his rucksack, Tuomey carries a lot on his back on this journey.

“I think its their families.  To me [they are] why I am doing this.”

With each step he takes starting in Canada and eventually ending in San Diego Tuomey is asking folks to donate to the Semper Fi Fund, providing funds for injured Marines and their families.

“I went Maryland to the Naval Aid Station and got to sit with a lot of brothers there who came home in pretty bad shape, but I’ll never forget as long as I live the kids by the wheelchair.  Every time I wanted to quit which was virtually every step for some sections.  I thought about those kids and the look that they had standing next to their dad’s wheelchair and I just cant get that out of my head,” he explains.

With some 600 miles left to walk and about $50,000 more to raise, Tuomey is pushing on while clinging to the words of his mom.

“She told me before she left to look to the blue sky, look to the calming waters,  I’ll always be there, and she is.”

Tuomey laid his mother to rest just three weeks ago pausing his hike to be by her side.

“She waited for me to get home,” he says.  “If she waited and fought off cancer then the least I can do is finish this hike.”

To donate to the Semper Fi Fund follow this link.


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