Week 4: Pumpkin Books

This week’s project is taking the insides of old books and turning them into paper pumpkins.

Lay your book on a flat surface.
On the flat surface of your book, draw the outline of half a pumpkin
Use a hobby knife to cut along the outline that you drew for your pumpkin outline
When outline is cut, roll book backwards to connect the front to the back.
Hold in place and use hot glue to glue the spine of the book together in a circle.
Hold in place until glue dries.
Glue back page and front page of book together. This creates the pumpkin shape of your book.
At this time shape your pumpkin by separating pages.  I used a little of the hot glue in the insides of the pages by where they connect to the spine to create spacers between the pages.
Spray paint or use paint brush to paint your pumpkin in your favorite fall colors.
Glue ivy to the top and let dry.

Your pumpkin is ready!

Add a little extra to your Halloween décor by taking a glass globe from an old light fixture, paint is white and add a face.  You have a cute little ghost to put over a tea light candle.

Stay tuned for more upcycle projects!


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