Week 8: Drawer Shelves

This project is the DIY Drawer Shelf.

It can be hung on a wall or sit on the ground.

What a great way to reuse those old drawers and wooden boxes from your kitchen remodel, broken dresser or night stand.

Today’s project were all drawers pulled from the recycle wood chipper bin. The top shelf on my project was a wine bottle holder.

Beginner project

Time – 3 hours not including dry time

  1. Choose the drawers you want to use.  I started out with 5 drawers but only used 4.
  2. Sand any rough edges, stain or paint.  You do not have to sand down to bare wood, just roughen up to hold new paint
  3. On a flat surface, stack the boxes until you have a design you are happy with.
  4. Dust off any loose dust or particles with a soft bristle brush or soft towel.
  5. You are ready to paint or stain.  Be creative. Paint each box a different color, all the same or leave as bare wood.  What I did was alternate the paint and stain on each box.  2 with stain and 2 with paint.
  6. Allow to dry completely
  7. Lay all shelves on a flat surface how your design will be assembled.  Mark and predrill holes from the underside of each shelf into the one on top.  Careful to not drill all the way through into the shelf on top.
  8. Measure the thickness of the 2 shelves together. Use wood screws that are shorter than the thickness of your 2 layers of wood.
  9. Use 4 screws to hold each box together, starting with the bottom box screwing the next box on top continuing until all boxes are attached.
  10. Touch up with paint or stain
  11. If you are hanging on wall, use heavy duty hangers on the back of your shelves.  The more drawers/boxes you use, the heavier it will be.


Left over drawers or boxes –      For wall shelves use 4 to 6 in deep drawers. For floor shelves use 10 to 12 inch deep drawers or boxes
Wood screws
Paint brush
Soft cloth or bristle brush
Sand paper

Happy Upcycling!

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