Week 9: Pallet Christmas Tree

Beginner project

Time – 2.5 hours


  1. Choose pallet in good conditions, no splits or broken boards.
  2. Use yard stick or long straight board to draw a straight line from the center top of pallet to the lower bottom right to create the outline of the right of your tree.  Complete step on left side of pallet.  You should have your tree shape drawn in pencil.
  3. Use Jig saw or circular saw to cut along pencil line. (clean up as you go, the sawdust makes the floor extra slippery)
  4. Turn pallet over and cut off boards along both sides of center board of pallet.
  5. Use one board that has been removed from back side of pallet to make a base by screwing the scrap wood to bottom of tree.  This will create a wider base for your tree.
  6. Rough sand your tree to remove any loose debris.
  7. Dust with soft brush.
  8. Paint and be creative!


If any of the boards become loose, use an 1 5/8 wood screw to hold tighter.

For a more decorative tree, wait until paint dries and use a ¼ drill bit to drill holes to put lights through. Attach all cords to the back of your tree out of sight. Screw in cup holders to hold ornaments.  If your left over sides are still in good condition, they will screw together to make a 2nd tree!

Supplies needed-

Pallet in good condition
Jig saw or circular saw
80 grit sand paper
Soft brush
Paint brush
1 5/8 inch wood screw
2 ½ inch wood screw
Yard stick
Extra – ¼ inch drill bit, Christmas lights and cup holders

Happy Upcycling!

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