E-cigarette users could catch flu more easily, health experts say

PHILADELPHIA, Penn. (WCAU) – As vaping is being blamed for deaths and sicknesses, some medical experts now say e-cigarette usage could also make people more susceptible to contracting influenza.

According to medical experts, those who vape or use electronic cigarettes could have a weakened immune system, making their lungs more susceptible to illnesses like the cold or the flu, which is why Doctor Gregory Cannon and the CDC recommend that people stop vaping. He said, “Those who vape or use e-cigarettes, they have a decreased immune response in their lungs and that makes them a little bit more susceptible to viral infections.”

According to the CDC, there are more than 500 cases of possible lung illnesses associated with vaping. There have also been several deaths.

With flu season here, experts are worried about the effects vaping could have on the lungs they say it could mean more cases of the flu.

Dr. Gregory Cannon explained, “No matter what you touch, if somebody before you had the flu, and coughed on their hands and touched it, if you come behind them and touch it and touch your eyes or close to your mouth, you’re susceptible to catching the flu. Whenever you add electronic cigarettes or vaping to that, your body’s immune system is blunted and you’re just set up for a bad picture.”

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