Dr. Don Robertson retires

MEDFORD, Ore. – Dr. Don Robertson, a “bright light” in the Rogue Valley’s medical community and a regular on our Docs on Call TV show, is retiring from the medical practice he started in White City in 1978.

Dr. Robin Miller, the host of Docs on Call, said, “I’ve known Dr. Don 20 years ever since I’ve been doing Docs on Call.

Cardiologist Brian Gross said, “I’ve known him [Dr. Don] since I came to town in 1982.

“I think I met him when we first started Docs on Call and he was my first guest,” Dr. Miller said. “They love talking to him on the phone. He’s so nice and non-threatening, has great advice. I even ask him questions while I’m doing it.

“Oh, I always take his call,” Dr. Gross explained. “Never miss a call. I’ve given him my personal number. First I listen to his joke and then he sets the stage. And then he gets very serious. And he shares from the heart his feelings about what’s going on with this person and what they need. And he’s always spot on. He’s always spot on.

Dr. Gross added, “I’m a little upset if he goes to any of the other cardiologists. Okay. I want him to use me.

“He’s one of those people that is totally devoted to his patients, to learning more about medicine. He’s on top of everything,” Dr. Miller said. “He’s a great, doc. He is. When you think family doctor. It’s him.

“He’s been well-respected as a primary care doc,” Dr. Gross said. “He’s just been a joy to be around.

Dr. Miller said, “Oh, my gosh. My favorite moment was in our 10-year anniversary show. He was my guest. My hair caught on fire, and he did notice. That was my favorite moment. Typical Don.

“Oh, he is just an immensely warm and caring person,” Dr. Gross said. “I just I relished the times when he’d call and we’d chat. Oh, he’s been a rock. I mean, he’s been here for, I don’t know, close to 50 years in White City serving the patients who live out there.

“Congratulations, Dr. Don, on serving 45 years to the community of Jackson County. You are amazing,” Dr. Miller said.

“Don, congratulations on 45 plus years of service to everybody here in the Rogue Valley,” Dr. Gross said. “It’s been a pleasure and an honor. He’s a great friend.”

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