Local law firm says they are still receiving new clients in Asante case

MEDFORD, Ore. – NBC5 News spoke to a local law firm Thursday about how they’re still seeing new clients who may have been victims or are family members of victims, of the alleged diversion of drugs at Asante RRMC hospital.

David DeVilleneuve with Schlesinger and DeVilleneuve said they’re actively investigating over 70 cases from people potentially affected in this case. They feel they have a strong civil case for 15 to 20 of them, while the rest are pending completion of the investigation.

DeVilleneuve said they receive calls from people who suspect they were affected or were notified by police or by Asante. He also said Asante has made a third round of calls, reaching out to people who may have been affected. It makes him question what criteria the hospital is looking at to determine victims and how accurate the healthcare acquired infection rates out of RRMC are.

“I’ll tell you the number of people I’m getting and reading reports; like infection, after infection, after infection. And there’s more than what the CDC is showing, and I would say that’s probably… I’m concerned more about, ‘Is the hospital giving the CDC all the information that they’re supposed to be?’ I’m wondering about that.”

Agencies like the Oregon Health Authority released the number of healthcare acquired infections during the years a former nurse was allegedly diverting patient’s drugs. In 2022, the OHA reported 15 and in 2023 another 14.

DeVilleneuve said they will likely pursue their cases regardless of whether or not the district attorney’s office files charges. NBC5 News previously reported that MPD had recently completed its investigation and turned it over to the DA’s office. To date, no charges have been filed and no arrests have been made.

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