Question of the Day: Week of 1/14

Monday January 14

Question: A recent survey found it takes a person an average of 12 minutes 30 seconds to do THIS. What is it?

Answer: Pick something to watch on Netflix


Tuesday January 15

Question: Most people will have 11 of these in their lifetime. What are they?

Answer: Homes/Residences


Wednesday January 16

Question: A recent survey found around 40% of all households say this is something they enjoy doing during the winter. What is it?

Answer: Grill Outside


Thursday January 17

Question: 16% of women get mad if their partner does this in the kitchen. What is it?

Answer:  Add extra ingredients


Friday January 18

Question: If you do this on vacation, it makes you more likely to argue with your spouse. What is it?

Answer: Diet

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