NBC5 News: Asante Deaths Investigation

Here are links to the reports by NBC5 News on multiple patient deaths, and Medicare fraud allegations, at Rogue Regional Medical Center in Medford:

7/08/24: Civil cases pending criminal case in alleged drug diversion at Asante

6/21/24: Former Asante nurse out of jail

6/20/24: Former Asante nurse charged with second degree assault, may post bail

6/19/24: Law firm on how Asante criminal case affects civil lawsuits

6/14/24: Former Asante nurse pleads not guilty to charges related to drug diversion

6/13/24: Former Asante nurse facing 44 criminal counts in drug diversion case

4/26/24: MPD submits Asante deaths investigation results to Jackson County DA

3/07/24: Alleged drug diversion lawsuits may be filed separately

2/29/24: OSHA investigated Asante’s tap water in ICU, found no contamination in ’23

2/28/24: Medford Police update on Asante investigation

2/27/24: Medford attorney details wrongful death lawsuit against Asante & nurse

2/26/24: Asante RRMC and a nurse named as defendants in wrongful death lawsuit

2/13/24: Lawyers on Asante-related cases: possible side effects for alleged victims

1/22/24: OHA: RRMC infection spike coincides with alleged drug diversion

1/16/24: Asante and employee reach settlement with government

1/10/24: Whistleblower speaks out about Asante settling Medicare fraud allegations

1/09/24: Drug diversion case on the East Coast parallels the Asante investigation

1/09/24: Asante settles Medicare fraud allegations

1/05/24: Law firms already representing potential RRMC victims

1/04/24: Federal government data shows Asante RRMC infection/sepsis issues

1/03/24: Medford police continuing to investigate drug diversion claims at Asante

1/02/24: Asante articles reveal history of issues with waterborne bacteria

1/01/24: ‘It’s not just here.’ Doctor speaks about Asante deaths investigation

12/30/23: ONLY ON NBC5: Sources say 8-9 died at RRMC from drug diversion

12/29/23: Only on NBC5: Police investigation underway into patient death at Asante


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